•   almost 10 years ago

You Have to be Kidding

These ideas are so lame.

I have the best way. Make their efforts useless. If I have the time, I hit "1" and start talking to the person. I talk and talk and talk until they finally realize I'm just wasting their time.

I have had them curse at me and slam the phone down. I believe that many of them are not employees but contractors that pay to have the call routed to them. So every time I hit "1" and start to talk, it costs someone.

If everybody did this every time the whole house of cards would collapse.

I actually was going to submit this idea but somehow I signed up too soon and then missed the deadline.

So, everybody press "1" and tell Rachel how much you need help with your credit.


  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    And if they ask for money, sound excited and willing to pay. Tell them you do not believe in credit cards and will gladly send them a check, or tell them your credit card is maxed out and you can't make any more charges until after it is paid down. All you need is the address to send the check. If you can get an address to send a check, then you have excellent information that can be used by the authorities for prosecution. Among other things, scammers can be convicted for postal fraud if they use the US mail to conduct business. If you can get an address, notify the FTC as well as postal authorities.

    Another tactic is to let them get most ot the way through their sales pitch and then tell them you have an emergency to attend to. Ask for a phone number to call them back when you return.

  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    I keep getting calls from "Rachel from card holders sevrices". The one I love to do is tell them it is my daughter I am worried about but she won't admit. Then I say I need facts so I can go to her and convince her. I ask for phone #, mail me information, call back number. They just won't give up anything. But if everytime they called someone we answered and played along they would waste all their time.

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