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A simple cheap user controlled method that is proven

I missed the original contest and I did not invent this method, however I have proven it to work for several years.

Here is a solution that I did not invent, but have proven to work, it is very low cost or free and is completely under the local control of the phone owner.

Turn the robo dialers against themselves! To make them stop, record the phone not in service tones at the beginning of your answering machine message. Pause for 3 seconds and then give your message. The tones will tell the robo-dialer that this is not a working number and they delete it. It may take a few weeks for this to work through all the different spammers who are calling.

Real people will hear this and ignore it or be slightly confused, but after a few weeks you can remove the tones. Gradually the robo calls will increase and you can repeat the process. I have used this for several years with good results.

Here is the link describing the details:


Here is the actual tone link:

Good luck!


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    The above link is not working, here are working links:
    The SIT tones can be inserted into the answering machine message itself.

    The following is a .wav file for an invalid number SIT tone: errorbeeps1.wav (15k) http://www.scn.org/~bk269/errorbeeps1.wav, from www.thisisarecording.com If it doesn't play clearly directly from the net, try downloading it. Here's a digitally synthesized (45k) sample.

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    http://www.scn.org/~bk269/errorbeeps45.wav is another version.
    Thanks to http://www.scn.org/~bk269/zapper.html for this info.

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    The flaw of all these "solutions" is that they require the consumer to do the work. This is like getting rid of the FDA and requiring individual consumers to inspect the meat that they are purchasing for contamination.
    An appropriate solution to the robocall problem is to get the carriers to monitor the calls that they are carrying for illegal CallerID Spoofing.

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    Walt: I agree that consumers should expect quality control from the phone companies and not need to buy or download a product.

    Addressing spoofing was a key part of the solution I submitted for any telco where a call originates from to monitor for high volume callers and also compare the caller ID associated with a call with the area dialed from.

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