•   about 10 years ago

Easy Solution, No Cost in Upgrading Infrastructure/Current Phone System

Since I am unable to enter this contest when I had intended and have missed the deadline I will post a very simple solution here so that perhaps the FTC or someone might see it; whether it be FTC or a current phone service provider and they can just grab it now.

Basically, it would be as easy as using a passcode; or rather a PIN, kind of like when you dial an extension (or it could actually be an extension). Basically it's like this. Say you're applying for a job at Wal-Mart, you trust them to call you. So you create a extension/PIN number to put into the phone number they call you with for your application.

You could *XX (for example *55), to setup a new PIN, in Wal-Mart's case you would create 777 for them in particular. This would let their call through and ring your phone and it would show 777 so you'd know who you made the PIN for.

On the application you would put (555) 555-5555 #777. Now you could bring up the point that someone could just dial you randomly and put in a random PIN you created for Wal-Mart, which may be true, but the PIN could be any length of numbers; I personally am unsure of what limit extensions can go up to.

Basically you would just set the PIN up for jobs, maybe personal business. You would still answer your friend's calls because you know their number or other numbers in your phonebook, whether on a regular phone/mobile/maybe even internet.

This is basically my practical solution without any kind of huge money going into restructuring the entire phone system. I'm sure there's others who had the same idea or rather have more advanced methods which is fine and can be developed. But this is simple and can be done now until a better method is developed.

Also, telemarketers could be required not to randomly guess the PIN #. Perhaps add a new key sequence that uses *# or #* or #55555# or *55555* so you could prevent this. Anyways I'm sure someone here had the very same idea that was simple like this :P

But it's an idea I had for awhile and never did anything with and then I saw sprint come out with their *NICKNAME or whatever it is and thought about this idea, it's too bad I didn't enter in time.


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