•   about 10 years ago

Just one digital bit--spoofed or not

THE single biggest problem is that the Federal Do Not Call List has been rendered ineffectual via spoofed numbers. Anybody who wants to violate the Do Not Call list for whatever reason needs only to spoof their own phone number.

The solution seems simple to me:

1. Make it possible to and then require the phone companies to attach a single digital bit to every phone call indicating whether or not the caller ID number has been spoofed.

2. Require the phone companies to honor any customer's request that no phone calls to their phone number from spoofed phone numbers be completed.

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  •   •   about 10 years ago

    My submission targets spoofing by having the phone company where a call originates from compare the caller ID being sent with the location the call is made from. That restricts the bank of phone numbers that can be called using a spoofed number to just the exchange for that area code instead of billions. By default, spoofed numbers should not require any action by consumers.

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