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A way to nab DNC violators for prosecution

Hire people who stay at home a lot, the disabled, and single mothers with children for example. Maybe even pay them by the call.

Give them a crash course in taking these calls, give them several phone numbers each. Provide them with special credit card numbers so they can take the calls all the way to a purchase.

With this information, government investigators should be able to apprehend the blatant DNC violators with ease, just follow the money.

And for the DNC crooks, the whole country would now become a virtual minefield of illegal telemarketer hazards.

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    This is too late to enter the contest, and I'm well aware that I cannot receive any prize. I just wanted to submit these thoughts in the hope that the can be added to the eventual list of rules you create.

    1. Have phone numbers listed that show the actual owner and place the call originates.
    2. Have phone companies give you the opportunity to block any number of calls, whether they're in your area code or from a cell phone, on your list. Of course, call from emergency personnel and government agencies, like the IRS, would be exempt.
    3. When the FTC sues a company for violating these rules, they should also sue on behalf of all consumers which have made a complaint as of the date of the filing of the lawsuit to the toll free number and forward any money to them.

    Just a thought that would greatly decrease these calls.

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