•   about 10 years ago

Only one thing discourages Robocalls... waste their time.

Time/Money are the only pain these people feel.. so the idea is to get to a human being (money+time) and then waste their time as much as possible.

FTC challenge is over, I just had a robocall block idea... Internet linked device that plugs into the phone... big "spam" button on top... when you hit the button, the device interacts with the robocall to WASTE TIME.. (possibly even switching the call to an internet based line) which is the only pain they can feel. Since these are scripted, it could ID the caller by the script/recorded message, then do everything it can to stall and waste their time. "Ohh.. oh, wait.. hold on, let me get my mom on the line... oh, crap .. hold on, she's *on the toilet* ... " "yes, hello?" "Oh, my, I DO want to lower my CC bill.. could you hold on a second while I get my wallet?" ... "Crap, I left it in the car... one second, please." ....

Then, each week - you hire a voice actor or five to record snippets and scripts to use... or even send them to customers in trade for the device.


  •   •   about 10 years ago

    Better than that make it impossible for them to get through. We have a patented system that only allows legal robocalls and live calls to get through by screening the call at telephone company before call gets to subscribers phones.

  •   •   about 10 years ago

    I used to have fun doing this before I effectively blocked all robo calls.

    The more time you tie up their lines the less calls they can process in a given day.

    First they would have to wait until I got my eyeglasses, then they would have to wait until I got my credit card. (An expired credit card LOL).

    I would try to make them wait long enough to hang up. But I would also try to make them think they had a real fish on the line.

    Unfortunately, according to data from the FTC, telemarketers will probably increase the calls to your phone. Anyone who responds to the robo caller by pressing a digit is encouraging them to call you more often.

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