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Google Voice !!!!!

I solved it years ago with free Google Voice. Then I turned my ringer off and gave my contacts my Google voice number. I forwarded Google voice to my iPhone and Google chat. When my iPhone rang at home, I picked up my home phone. I haven't had a nuance call in months, and if I do I block them in Google voice. and a bonus, I get my home calls like the doctor and relatives on the road and free long distance calls. Sorry I missed the deadline. Its fast, free and it works. My home caller id proves I miss 10 sales calls a day. Try calling my home phone 989-249-6635. Its in the phone book and call lists, but I wont hear it ring. it was great during the election season.

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    That solves it for you, but doesn't meet the FTCs requirements anyway, so at least you didn't waste time.

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