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Every time I get a call from an unknown source, I do not say anything. The call normally ends in about 30 seconds. I get the impression that these machines are voice activated. It doesn't stop the calls but at least I don't have to listen to the recording.

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    You might also try just talking right over the robot message (and then hanging up). Were I trying to detect answering devices (including auto-attendants) I would look for audio coming back from the called party that was talking right over my robot's message.

    I have never written predictive dialer software, so I am merely speculating here.

    I see encouraging data from my call logs after having an auto-attendant answer my phone for about 3 months. The robo calls seem to be decreasing. But the robo-caller NEVER actually rings my phone. The Call-IDs are logged from upstream of the auto-attendant. I can see the Call-IDs of those who were trying to get through.

    I'm happy, all of these annoying calls (legal or illegal, criminal or exempt) are GONE.

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