•   about 10 years ago

Gate keeper

I cant submit my entry because of the merit less requirement of having to send a picture. Duh I dont have one. word document
I dont have one either if You want people to submit you need to keep it simple I dont think FTC wants a answer just make it look like they are doing their job and the agency can stay on the Dole.

My device would go between the Telco line and house phone system and delay the number of times the ring signal is sent from Telco switch before the ring signal is connected to the house phones. most telemarket callers disconnect on the third ring since most answering machines answer on the forth ring thus they will in most cases hang up before your phone ever rings. Robo call option would answer the phone and listen for voice and hang up if nothing heard or connect phone to house phone ringers if voice detected most robo callers will not start their recording untill a voice is heard on the line Hello ect So device hangs up without ringing your phone and You finish your dinner with out interuption


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