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specific telephone

I know this is not really a submission, but I bought a panasonic landline telephone with 3 devices, everytime the phone rings, it talks to tell you who it is so you have the choice to answer or not. I do not receive anymore or any less robocalls, but they also do not leave messages, and, I can listen to who is calling before I get up or stop what I am doing to answer the phone. It actually works great. If anyone is interested the model # kx-tga410.

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    That is a scheme called CallerID.

    The problem with that system is that the criminal robocallers can easily supply a false number. At present the callers are mostly commercial but pretending that they are doing so legally. If that was the only problem they could be dealt with by prosecutions.

    The robocallers that are about to increase exponentially are the out and out criminals doing phishing scams and advance fee frauds and the like.

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