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Looking for Boston-Based Robocall Ideas

I'm a producer at CBS in Boston (WBZ-TV) and I'd like to interview someone in the Boston-area who thinks they've found a way to deal with Robocalls. Please give Jessi a call at 617-787-7381. Thanks!!


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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you know that ChallengePost and the Federal Trade Commission will not give preference to any submitter who responds to, or participates in any interview. Participating in any interview will not influence how a submission is scored or a submission's chances of winning a prize. Please contact support@challengepost.com with any questions.


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    I am based in the Boston area.

    You can see an overview of my solution at:


    The bit with the daleks is to explain that just solving the problem of robocallers is not enough, most of the solutions being proposed create a bigger problem than the one they are trying to solve. You can't solve the problem of robot callers by having a robot intercept every (or even most) telephone calls.

    There is a lot of experience in dealing with email spam that is relevant to the problem however. Most importantly the fact that this problem cannot be solved by just one clever idea. The bad guys also have clever ideas. What we need is a clever idea factory.

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