•   about 10 years ago

Controversies abound

I understand, according to submission guidelines, when 2 submissions share the same solution, then the earliest submission wins. However, reading through the submissions, many share the same theory but that doesn't mean the same solution. For example, I see many solutions call for a secure caller ID but different approaches to achieving the result. Just because you submit a similar solution theory doesn't mean you're the first to come up with such a solution. In other words, you may have came up with the idea of a secure caller ID, even the first to post, but if your solution is to enforce all providers to secure their caller ID, then it's not a viable solution and it doesn't beat a solution that was posted on the deadline with the same solution theory but different approach.

I just want to state this before the outcome to give it a little more weight. I see so many post a solution and are so adamant about their solution that no matter how many people try to explain things, especially things that seems so obvious, they simply won't accept there are faults in their solution. To these folks, I'm sorry if you think we're trying to smear your solution, most of us just want to help point out the faults. Remember, even as part of the criteria, it's not how you can penetrate your solution, it's how others can.

Anyway, I just want to bring this subject to light because I fear it can lead to nasty disputes and by posting it early, hopefully the conspiracy theorist can be persuaded.


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