•   about 10 years ago

Take Away Robocaller's Time

Take away what robocaller's value... time and assets. Create a standard code (like *69) where the recipient can initiate a process to lock-up the phone line (and possibly record any useful trace information). When I say "lock-up" I mean keep the initiating connection from disconnecting for, say, one to two minutes.

Although a pain to me, I usually leave my phone off the hook once a robocall starts until I get the fast-busy signal. At least the caller isn't calling anyone else during that time on that line.

I'm not a technie so I don't know if possible or feasable. At the least there is room for reverse abuse though abusers are probably more traceable.

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  •   •   about 10 years ago

    Taking away a robocaller's time sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately, telephone exchanges here in the U.S. have First Party Disconnect. Which, simply stated, means that when the calling or called party hangs up the connection is dropped. Eventually, any robocall requires the called party (aka "mark") to respond in some way, if no response is received the connection is dropped. At which point the robocaller moves on to the next "mark".

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