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Would instant tracing/conference call work?

I can't propose this myself--not qualified--but as I was being "phished" the other day by Rachel from Cardmember Services, they were on the line with me quite some time, trying to get my phone, social security number, full name, etc. (I had to cancel and get a new card -- they got just part of my info before I woke up!).

It occurred to me that we were on long enough --they even called me back to try again--that I could have easily connected to a third number via conference calling should the FTC have such a line. I would have been glad to string them along until the FTC got a direct bead on them.

And BTW, they were not trying to sell me anything. I was merely asking them, having demanded to speak with a manager, to remove my number from their list, thinking they were really telemarketers. They were not. They were 100% phishing for my credit card info, so no lawsuit against a company would work here, only simply criminal prosecution for theft against individuals. Or would they invariably be found to be foreigners and thus untouchable?

Could the FTC set up such a number? I'd do my best to get Rachel connected directly to the FTC any time!


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    Steve, ATT U-verse telephone service offers a feature that allows the subscriber to selectively forward calls to another number. What it amounts to is a system where a telemarketer calls me once. I get their number from my caller ID and enter it on the list of future calls to be forwarded. Whenever they call from that number again, my phone doesn't ring and the call is automatically forwarded to another number of my choosing. I forward all my unwanted calls to another telemarketer who was dumb enough to give me his actual phone number (one that he answers). Now..... if we could convince the FTC to give us a number that they monitor, we could send these calls directly to them where they would be able to conduct a "sting operation" on these robobums. They could gather evidence "First hand", trace the call, and record it for evidence. This would put a stop to robocalls when they know that a percentage of their calls are being answered by Federal agents.

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    But the phone number you see can be 'spoffed' to any random phone number they want to use. I have lost count of how many different phone nubers "Rachel from cardmeber services" says she is calling from.

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    I agree with Leah O - these numbers are being spoofed. Thus in order to work, the FTC needs to do something just as R.Lee B suggests, but it must work in 'real time', while the robocaller is on the phone.

    FTC, can you do this? And if so, even if the numbers are being spoofed, can you get some helpful info that might lead you to the criminal? If they are overseas, can you do anything?

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