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Automate the process...

Tie the Do Not Call database to a registration database of telemarketing companies, with a complaint database.

If your number was in the DNC, and you get a call, log it in the complaint database (available via kiosk at the mall). Once the number (which is a part of a series on numbers, most TM's have 100's of numbers available to them) is logged say 3 times, a trigger is activated from within the DoD's DNS Servers to write a rerouting routine for that companies internet data and in the stoke of minutes, they're off line until the fine is paid. Set it what you want. This is a portion of my submission. All very doable, the technology already exists, the db links would need to be made. This can almost be a hands off - automated dunking booth approach to an annoying problem.

Put speach to text Kiosks in the malls for those that are uncomfortable using online technology - and with that, let's all go down to the mall for coffee and while we're there nose dive a telemarketing business!

VoIP based telemarketers simply can not live (exist) without accurate DNS records to handle their call volume; routing their calls to other VoIP numbers or land & cell based hops to get the call to those devices. These triggers can be implemented from the DoD's DNS servers which are still maintained for the nation. These DNS servers can right down (issue mandatorily) rerouting instructions in the whole nation and basically shut down a VoIP business in minutes. DNS is their vulnerable spot.

Keep it simple and keep the people in charge. We can do this.


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    How do you work around IP spoofing?

    (I've received 4 of these calls just today on both home and mobile phones - I can't tell you how infuriated I am).

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    This doesn't really involve IP spoofing, unless there's a concern that a TM service will spoof their way past the DoD updates. Then it becomes a homeland security, terrorism type investigation. Shutting them down and denying the TM access to US infrastructure isn't the problem, it's initiating an efficient low cost 1st level intervention until bigger guns can take over. I'd welcome their spoof.

    Here's a plug for a VoIP service. Consider ITP VoIP; Unlike Vonage, they're all US based. I blocked a Philippine based TM this afternoon, sending their calls to my secondary voice mail box that's never picked up. The calls are originating offshore but they have a block of numbers in the 407 area code (Florida) at their disposal.

    I wish VoIP vendors would allow us to block by number range and by area code.

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