•   about 10 years ago

Save the post office and stop robo calls

Why not make a law that ALL solicitations must be done by mail.
The do not call list can go away and the post office will receive more revenue!!
When you receive a call from a Charitable Organization, can you trust it?


  •   •   about 10 years ago

    I love solutions that take care of more than 1 problem (2 birds with 1 stone). Your only problem is enforcement. The calls are made illegal, but the calls keep coming. Then what? I say combine your idea wih my submttion which addresses enforcement.

  •   •   about 10 years ago

    Second thought. While we are at it. The Postal system should be declared the only place where spam is legal. Email, and text messaging spam are illegal, as are these types of robocalls. But the post office can declare its self "Spam Freindly" as a marketing effort that reminds everyone that junk mail is legal and effective.

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