•   about 10 years ago

Request for specific data

If I have questions regarding specific data that the FTC might have, who can I direct those to?

For example: For the operations that the FTC has shut down, what is the average fine/recovery that the FTC obtains? What is the minimum fine?

For call center overseas, does the FTC work with Interpol or any other organization to stop these centers?

What percentage of calls (estimate) come from overseas? What percentage of "Qualifiers" are located in the US? What percentage of "Closers" are located in the US?

Percentages regarding illegal robocalls to landline vs cell phone?

What is the typical daily/monthly revenue generated by these operations? When scamming someone (Lower interest rate scams, scams regarding fake insurance, etc) who is the merchant processing the transactions (Are they using their own merchant account or do they use factoring to spread charges across multiple merchant accounts)?

Does the FTC have any data regarding the demographics of who is robocalled? Demographics regarding what population falls for scams? Information on the financial impact to telco, financial and other organizations (For example, a charge off from a bank who has to refund a unauthorized purchase to a consumer due to a robocall).

Is there someone I should contact directly, or are the forums the best way to contact the FTC.

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