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Charge them a fee per call

If the phone companies would charge even 5 cents per call special fee, the robo callers would be priced out of business. A million calls a day would cost $50,000 a day. They could charge everybody's account but allow say 1000 calls a month free from this surcharge.
I have been staying on the line until a "live person" comes on line and I try to keep them on as long as I can without giving any true information. This costs them money every time. If everybody did this they would stop bothering us.

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  •   •   about 10 years ago

    If you can find them and figure out who to bill the 5 cents to, then its a great idea. The issue is, with VOIP, this becomes very hard. In fact, i believe one person at the Robocall summit said its a manual process which makes it non-scalable (Subpenas, etc etc)..

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