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Can the computer antivirus companys provide the solution?

The only reason Mcafee, Symantic, and other antivirus companies exist is because hackers are able to exploit the vulnerabilities in the Microsoft operating systems. If Microsoft made security a real priority, there would be no need for antivirus protection.

Similarly, the telcos have vulnerabilities in their infrastructure that have existed for years. This could be an opportunity for a company like Mcafee to develop a product to protect the telco infrastructure.

Maybe it is time for a class action suit against the telcos for not serving the public due to the weakness of their infrastructure. The telcos have to be a major contributor to the solution.


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    Watch the FTC Robocall summit video. The second panelist in the first video compares robocalls to email spam and explains why the methods used for email spam are not possible/feasible for robocalls.

    I don't believe suggesting that another company develop a solution is a solution, although i could be wrong.

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    Actually, in Microsoft's defense, not one MS product Is on Kaspersky’s top 10 vulnerabilities list that was released yesterday:


    They've actually made security a big priority and it seems to be working.

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    Microsoft offers a free antivirus now that competes fairly well with 3rd party vendor products.

    To Aarons point, Microsoft has taken significant steps to clean up security. They are heavily invested in securing vulnerabilities on their platform (I believe the number of Apache vulnerabilities exceeds MS IIS.)

    Layer 8 of the OSI model is always going to be a issue though. The carbon layer (AKA The human operator) seems to never learn that "Free iPad" or a popup saying "Your computer is infected" are only advertisements with malicious intent.

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