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There's an App For That

Create an App that will work on cell phones that will allow people to mark a phone call as harassment and/or spam. You can also do the *whatever for land lines as well.

When phone numbers receive enough complaints and/or have a high enough % of harassing phone calls, make the caller enter a "captcha" word on the cell phone before making a phone call.

Example: 480-111-1111 .. before ringing .. Hello, please type the third word in the sentence "You are very cool" to verify you are not an automated phone call. To repeat the sentence, press *. If you believe this is in error, press # to receive a phone call back to the number you are calling from.

If a phone number is still receiving complaints, make them wait randomly up to 10 seconds before the phone call is placed and have it record for voice activity in that time. If the phone call is receiving activity they must call a 1-800 number and register their phone number with a credit card. They will be charged a pending transaction of $1. Any 1 person may register up to 5 phone numbers with a credit card.

If phone companies won't allow it, the App can take care of it. The app will answer the cell phone immediately and handle everything. You can install it or not, have it start coming with new cell phone purchases just like the spam folder in email comes with everything these days.


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    Some thoughts on the matter:

    A) So your saying you can write a app that will accommodate all english accents and multiple languages. Captchas can't just work for the perfect english speaking population.

    B) Also, you do realize the people placing robocalls do not use a real phone number. They often spoof the phone number on the back of your credit card. CIDs (Caller ID) is a bad route to go.

    C) You can't delay phone calls. Its not like email where the information is most likely not time sensitive. Carriers always pass calls on just in case its something urgent.

    D) Recording peoples phone calls is illegal in most states. It wouldn't fly with consumers.

    E) If your system works, what prevents scammers from getting CC dumps and using stolen CCs to whitelist multiple phones.

    F) An app that has access to answer phone calls sounds rather malicious. Not sure Apple would approve something like that.

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    Your approach is close to mine. The key is to stop the ringing of the
    phone. Going to voice mail is not what telemarketers or robo callers
    desire. That would defeat their objective.

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    I've already built an iPhone app for it. It's part of my submission. You can download it from the App Store here:


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