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iPhone App Solution

I am currently building an iPhone app that will check incoming calls via a web API and send the call to voicemail instantly if the caller ID / phone number has a "high spam probability" against the national donotcall list of robocallers the FTC has given us to use.

The only issue I have is that Apple doesn't allow this kind of application for release into the App Store for public distribution due to private methods being used part of the CoreTelephony framework. I am in talks with Apple Review team to try and get past this issue hopefully. I will be posting a link on my website www.blockrobocalls.com (coming soon) over the weekend once it's ready for everyone and will be sending out ~25 adhoc apps to a handful of lucky people who want to test drive my iphone app using testflightapp.com before it's released to Apple. I am submitting my proposal and proof of concept this weekend.

Email me if you want to participate and test my app or wish to collaborate: mike@imobiledeveloper.com

(I plan to also build an android app for those of you that don't have an iPhone which will work just about the same way).

-Obviously this is only a small part of my overall solution which I won't share with everyone openly ;)


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    Very interesting. I'm building the same thing but for android.

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    Cool Erik! You'll save me the trouble then! I'll just stick to my iOS app as a proof of concept and you can do the Android one...

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    A smart phone App screening on caller ID will eventuallly be of little use since the robocallers use spoofed caller IDs and could easily generate a random caller ID for each placed call. Your idea will only work in the long term if the telcos develop a method to absolutely prevent the use of spoofed caller IDs

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    What if your app blocks grandma trying to call you because she is being followed, or mugged, or fell down? The solution has to not be disruptive to current legitamate calls.

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    So, how does the app work if there is no caller id, which is almost always the case?

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    Wouldn't this be limited to cell phones? Also, if your app blocked a legitimate call, you could be faced with a lawsuit. For example, a call from a local hospital asking if a family member should be put on life support. Also, some apps have already been released with similar functionality.

    CID is spoofable, not a reliable means of filtering.

    Also not all robocalls are illegal, for example political robocalls.

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