•   about 11 years ago

Thoughts on caller ID spoofing

Unless the telcos take measures to eliminate caller ID spoofing, this can't be used as a criteria to stop robocalls. What is to keep robocallers who use caller ID spoofing from using a different random caller ID for each placed call?

In some countries, the caller is charged for calls to cell phones instead of the recipient being charged for air time. How do these countries ensure that the appropriate caller is charged? Have these countries found a reliable method to always trace back to the originator?


  •   •   about 11 years ago

    Anyone who doesn't think caller IDs don't get spoofed already needs to be introduced to "Rachel from Cardholder services". I have been trying to get Rachel to leave me alone for years.

  •   •   about 11 years ago

    Not only spoofing, but what about NO caller id??

  •   •   over 10 years ago

    My submission is a method to reduce how many spoofed numbers can be sent. Many security experts point out that 100% for anything is unrealistic. In fact a major identity theft company includes that in their fine print.

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