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Force Telco's to Force FTC

My cable company, which provides my home phone service, recently increased the number of blocked phone numbers permitted from 10 to 32. Clearly, this amount is arbitrary. At some point, the cost of creating blocking programs will weigh on telcos and increase their motivation to force the FTC to solve the problem of spam phone calls. Telcos, not us, their customers, have the financial motivation as well as the political clout to eliminate robo calling. My suggestions: max out the blocked calls allowed on your phone service, contact your phone carrier to eliminate spam calls and increase the number of allowed blocked phone numbers, and pester every political representative you can to end robo calls.

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    Robocalls originate from all around the world, from India/ME all the way up to the Far East and Russia. They are placed in the thousands per day, and the good ones are well spoofed to deter anything like that.

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