•   over 10 years ago

Not a technical problem but a legal one ...

What we need is a broader and more stringent enforcement of the Do-Not-Call list.

I had to laugh when I read that one of qualifications for this challenge was to allow "legal" robo-calls to get through.
Now THERE is the real problem. With the exception of reverse 911 WHY are ANY robo-calls legal at all?
I feel they should be forced to follow the Do-Not-Call guidelines like everyone else.

The argument to allow this is more often than not, one of free speech. Well I say that this argument does not hold water.
Take another form of exercising free speech --- walking a picket line. Regardless of the reason, whether its
a labor dispute or a dissatisfied customer of a car dealership, people have a right to pick with one very
important limit. They must do it on PUBLIC PROPERTY as using someone else's property to exercise your
right to free speech is not justified. So I make this claim. Yes the telephone network is a public
asset (to some degree) however the actual phone and inside wiring to my home is NOT!!!

Therefore I contend that ALL commerical calls other than reverse 911 and those with whom you have a previous business relationship with, abide by the Do-Not-Call rules. What part of Do not call do they not understand. Put an end to Digital Trespass.



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