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PSA: STOP POSTING YOUR ANSWER IDEAS. It just bogs down the discussion and leaves your idea vulnerable to being stolen.

Hey all,

I think it's great that there are some serious discussions going on here, but a couple of important things I want to point out:

1) If you post a good idea, what stops me from stealing it and saying you stole it from me? Not saying I'm stealing anyone else's ideas, but your'e leaving yourselves really vulnerable by allowing your solutions to be discussed out in the open. It irritates me that some people are enabling cheaters.

2) If you do decide to post an idea, I guarantee you it is not "THE" solution to the problem. No one person is going to come up with a perfect solution on your first attempt. So if you decide you still want to discuss your own solution, be open to the ideas of others and for the love of God don't insult other people!

3) Here are the discussions that I think should be at the forefront here: discussing the issue, asking about technical details, looking for advice on solving one or another facet of the problem, and general discussion of methodology. But when people start posting "OMYGAWD LOLOLOL DIS IZ SO EAZY LUK AT MAH SOLUSHUN" all over the place and then insult those that try to poke any holes in these (admittedly half-baked) plans, it gets really frustrating really quickly for everyone else.

Sorry for the rant, I just want this discussion to be steered in a useful and productive direction.


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    Agreed " for the love of God don't insult other people!" Except I care less about the reward & more about realizing results that help other people. The more ideas that are exchanged via this forum will inevitably lead to some kind of solution or even maybe "simultaneous discovery."

    Also, regarding intellectual property rights, when you post your idea on this forum it is time-stamped. Unless you record your idea (somewhere else that's also legitimately time-stamped, proving it to be your idea first)--no one else can just "steal" an idea that's posted here--if they improve upon it or radically alter it than people should cooperate towards maybe sharing the reward. If one person expresses their curiosity and shares, seeking feedback for their idea; it may indeed lead to another person realizing the full goal or "winning challenge."

    You have to have a prototype & complete idea to win the competition. Sharing basic ideas with the competition for the purpose of intellectual feedback should be alright. You know you are taking a risk that you may expose a great idea someone else will try to copy--but also if you don't ask for feedback you might not realize your flaws.

    Competition is a very compelling way to entice people to stretch their minds and develop solutions; but ultimately is not the purpose of this challenge to stop what is essentially telephone "spam" from ruining grandma or grandpa's day/or taking all their money away?

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    You don't actually have to have a working prototype or even a proof of concept in order to enter the challenge, just thought I'd let you know :)

    And I mean, I think that discussion of technical challenges are great, but I just want people to realize that there are people out there that will try to cheat during this competition, you know?

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    Hi Gabe,

    Thanks for writing. Per the Official Rules, entrants must:

    "Create a technical proposal describing how the Solution functions, or would function, if implemented (the “Proposal”). Solutions can be proposed as technical solutions or functional solutions and proofs of concept."

    Submissions that do not comply with the Official Rules will not be eligible for the competition.


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    You can safely post your ideas here because it documents timeline. If anyone takes your idea from here and posts it as theirs, it is easily proven that they were second. The rules clearly state that one cannot do the sticky finger with someone else's submition.

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