•   over 10 years ago

Is this company legal--doing legitimate business, or not?


That's just the first google ad to pop-up.

Here is a google search of "VOIP Gateway Robocall:"


>Certainly if these business's are legal they should be willing to cooperate w/ the FTC (*or the FTC should be investigating these operations closely*).


  •   •   over 10 years ago

    Wouldn't it be easiest to work w/ all the major ISP's/Telecommunications companies to require a legit VOIP Gateway to issue a small 'cookie' or other cryptic method to ensure that the firmware of the gateways reject illegal, overseas, or huge requests for phone connections--thereby limiting one major aspect of the new robocall movement.

  •   •   over 10 years ago

    I like the VOIP/SMTP "fire-wall" idea posted on another thread. Telecom's would have to make some alterations to their infrastructure to prevent robocalls.

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