•   over 10 years ago

Robocalls and Spam

When you're at home, you can place a NO SOLICITING sign on your front door. This should work the same way with mail as well as anything else.

Phones and Cell Phones - Allow the customer to be able to dial a code on the phone (i.e. #4040) that will signal all roco callers and sales persons, etc, that the customer does not allow soliciting.

Mailboxes - A No Soliciting sign should work the same way as it would on your door, keeping us safe from endless and useless junk mail, while fighting pointless trash from messing up our environment. This could also save on resources.

Email - Email accounts should also have some type of "No Soliciting" button where a user could activate the button to stop pointless and often times, sexually explicit material from reaching our kids and cluttering up our mailboxes with spam, gimmics and theft. We could have a folder that send voilating emails to government sources that handle tracking these people down and charging them crazy fines. This would reduce the problem and create revenue for government agencies.

Browsers - Same as email. Have a button a user could activate that would stop all of the horrible click ads that constantly get updated to MAKE you click them, mostly by accident.

Bottom line is... if companies are selling OUR information, shouldnt we get paid instead of the companies? Would be nice to see someone put out something that will allow people who OPT IN to get paid for their information, instead of always making us OPT OUT which seldom works. It's a headache...

and Google and Facebook wonders why we are starting to walk away so much...


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