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Honey Pot approach

Have the FTC provide fake special monitored credit card numbers and social security numbers to individuals who report getting lots of robocalls. Instruct these individuals to provide this information to the callers. Credit card companies and credit bureaus would know in advance that any use of this information is by a criminal. The credit card companies could immediately notify authorities of any attempts to make charges on these cards and identify the destination for the charges. Merchants would receive an instant credit denial and be instructed to detain the user.


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    Pretty good idea for financial scams. Most of the ideas I've seen so far are pretty naive, but this one could work. It spans international borders, and gets around spoofing issues to a point.

    There are some offshore banks that will protect the identity of their clients. I think we would need the credit card companies to lock-out the destination accounts.

    That puts a lot of regulation on the banks and credit card companies, but they lose in these scams too, so I think we could get some cooperation.

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    Great Idea!

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    This is a good solution to a different problem (stolen credit card numbers), but follow the product not the money. In one episode of The Closer a package was sent to suspects including GPS and live video to ID the suspect when opened, solving the problem of goods sent to PO boxes or fake addresses. Figure out how to fund this and coordinate with law enforcement, then you've got something.

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    I like this one. I was going to refer to it as the "Visa bomb"

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