•   over 10 years ago

User Created Call Directory Function

We all know the current methods for dealing with unwanted calls that basically comes down to one thing: Add the harassing # to a block list so they can't call again. And we all know the problem with it: the robocalls & telemarketers just change numbers, call back, and keep calling back.

So how about this option instead: Let the owner (the person receiving these calls) create a user-generated directory of allowed calls only. They would program their phones (via through the actual phone handset itself via a programmable directory) manually, an over the phone service (as in you call your phone company and - guided by phone prompts - enter in permitted numbers), or via the phone company's website (since many digital phone users already manage many of the functions like that).

Trying to control the robo callers is like sticking your fingers in cracks of a dam. It's never going to work and they'll always find a way around it. But if I control who is permitted to reach me by a list *I* create... it puts all the control in the hands of the customer.

We all know who we want to call us and who we do business with. It would be no harder than maintaining an address book. To make it even easier, it could create a call log for you to review and simply choose the Yes option to add that caller and # to your directory. If you call from a number that's not on that directory list you get a nice message saying the phone doesn't allow such calls and to contact me through alternative methods before disconnecting.

Emergency service numbers (911, police, fire, etc) would automatically be pre-approved and #s you could never delete.


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