•   over 10 years ago

Robocall Heuristics

Does this need to be a client-side solution? It seems like it would be relatively easy to fingerprint the call patterns coming from these companies; dialers have a very predictable outgoing call pattern (particularly the robocallers, since they are more concerned with covering blocks of numbers than developing leads)and cross-referencing this data with the complaint data should produce a "Red Flag" list. Perhaps a 3-Strike rule would then be useful, and combined with the *111 national reporting campaign mentioned elsewhere in this forum the worst offending companies would be easy to disarm. If these offenders can't be subjected to legal repercussions, let's do the next best thing - dox them in an ad campaign! Having worked at a couple shady telemarketing firms I can tell you that publicity is the thing they fear most. They are often operating out-of-bounds in a variety of ways - tax-dodging, illegal campaigns, hiring practices, labor laws, you name it. A C&D letter might not mean much when there are so many ways around so many different state & federal laws, but if you start posting names and faces they will definitely take note!


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