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But what is the true definition of a robot caller?

Companies use auto dialers all the time: you can hear this by a brief pause after you answer a call, followed a person doing their best to pretend "he" just called you. My question is, is this considered a robot call? It would seem any kind of technical solution might also block these types of calls.


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    You are talking about a predictive dialer. That just tries to maximize outbound agent calls. Robo calls display an automated msg first. You have to take some action to speak with a person.

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    It also sometimes will have voice-activation. So when you say "hello" it initializes the robo/automated call or simply answering the phone does that to. Sometimes it will ask you to press a number.

    A robocaller...Is just a automatic phone dialing service, usually over voIP .

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    Good points, so I suppose this kind of auto dialer (while annoying - especially the voice-activation) is within the legal bounds of FTC rules. Joan, that is part of the problem... you can't differentiate the two without some kind "pass" system since all of these things are the same technology. It doesn't help matters that political robot dialing is allowed, (and thus part of this contest) though thankfully banned from cell phones.

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