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#1 Contact Solution Only!

With this #1 Contact Solution Only! Program, It is where you add all people and services to your contact list on your phone. Of course ones that you only want to be contacted by. Anyone or any services not on your contact list will be automatically blocked and not able to contact you! Very convenient and will block any robo calls and any other unwanted calls! You do not want to be contacted by. Simple, easy, and effective

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    Nope. What if an old friend, haven't heard from in years, calls me? What if my wife's phone dies and she uses someone else's to call home? When we have a plumber coming, the guy in the truck gives us a call from his phone to let us know he's on his way. Or, similar situation, a delivery man calls for directions. Restaurant calls to tell you they found your credit card. A lawyer calls to tell you you've just inherited a million dollars. There are too many legitimate calls made from phone numbers that would not be on a contact list for this plan to be viable.

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