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Robocall Fake Out

For Cell Phones it is simple. Just screen your calls, don't answer when you don't know who is calling. That's what I and everyone else I know does.

For anyone using a land-line, the phone providers could give an option to just play a busy signal or the disconnected tone for 2 seconds at the beginning of every phone call connect, that may cause most robocalls to automatically hang up. They could probably even set it up so that it only did it with phone numbers not recently or frequency received. That obviously wouldn't work for fake ID generation through VoIP services.

To be honest, I didn't realize this was such a big problem. I guess it is as bad as fax machine ads.

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    I think you are thinking in the right direction. I currently enter all my unwanted calls into my address book under a label of blocked. I don't waste time except to add them once. I like the idea of random choices of answer sounds for bad calls. Random is key so they can't figure it out.

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