•   over 10 years ago

Outlaw it ASAP! Cell Phone Blockers are outlawed! Hazard to the Public.

$50k wasted! I want to know what company wins this contract! Make it Illegal already!!

Cell Phone and GPS Blockers are Illegal why not Telemarketers? "...The FCC, the jammers “pose an unacceptable risk to public safety by potentially preventing the transmission of emergency communications.” (Link below)
Expain to me why Autocallers are not?

If I"m driving, working, or using my phone to ensure my Family and Job have an Emergency line of communication why is it telemarketers can call me.... they should be banned. Marketing, Celling, or Operating a autocaller should be Illegal!!!!! Disrupting communcations or calling numbers for marketing Should be Illegal!

I know for a fact that calling a Federal Work Number by telemarketers is Illegal so why not the public. Imagine a Telemarketer calling an Air Traffic Control Facility and then ask me if telemarketers and autodialers should be legal or not.



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