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FTC is really spending money on this?

The "scourge" of illegal robocalls pales next to the scourge of corporal scourging in much of the world.

At what point do we just put a halt to stupid, ridiculous spending?

First of all, $50k is ridiculous for something that a junior engineer could figure out in an afternoon. Second, the entire concept of the government playing phone police is stupid. Third, there's at least two bureaucrats I can think of (they're judges on this panel) whose jobs are clearly unnecessary.

For shame. All of you.


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    If a junior engineer could figure it out in an afternoon, it would be solved already. There are a lot of engineers with afternoons.

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    Wow thats a little harsh, Tom. $50k may be ridiculous for this competition to you, but Kaggle competitions regularly excede this amount of prize money. Do you really think researchers would be interested in spending hours of their time looking at spam phone calls for $1000?

    Second, if you feel the concept of the government playing "phone police" is "stupid", why are you even looking at this competition to begin with? If you aren't interested in the topic why don't you find something constructive to work on instead of bashing other ideas?

    Third, if you feel that two of the judges are unnecessary, again, why are you even looking at the competition? And since you reference multiple judges in the phrase:

    "there's at least two bureaucrats I can think of"

    you actually meant to say:

    "there're at least two bureaucrats I can think of".

    THAT is something a junior engineer could figure out in an afternoon.

    For shame on your grammar.

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    Pay the $50K reward by fines applied to companies who break the "no phone call solicitation list". Let big business pay; it is just the cost of doing business.

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    Tom, you apparently know nothing about how telephone works. There is no easy solutions, I'm telling you this based on my 12+ years of experience working on cell phones. There is nothing you can use to distinguish a robocall from a normal call, from caller's side.Putting their numbers in a black list certainly won't work, because there are so many of them and they know to change their numbers.
    Bob, $50K fine to those companies is nothing, they'll pay the fine and keep doing it, they still have large profits. Plus, most of those companies are small ones that are hard to trace.

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    That is why I recommend jail time....telemarketers are a safety violation and hazard to the public.

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    Even putting a single telemarketer in the jail would definitely cost tax payer more than 50K.

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    Seth H > It was hard to miss the competition, FTC hit me with at least 2 emails today.

    Seth H II > Grammar attacks don't make sense. Well-timed grammatical hiccups can force the reader to stop, pause and think, which was (and remains) my goal.

    Jun W > I worked on standards for wireless E911 and LNP, does that establish any street cred?

    I'm sure that my fellow Americans with children who have been stationed overseas, victimized by violent crime or murdered in gang violence are breathing a collective sigh of relief that this issue is being tackled with gusto.

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    Deterrence is the key factor. Currently there is no major deterrence against Robocallers or Telemarketers.

    One current method is accepting the Robocall set the phone down (next to the television or something) so that it burned up how many calls they could make per day. This is not very effective but that or an Air Horn makes me feel better. I wonder if there is some device that could counter call the Robocaller?

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