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Ring back as fax machine

When an automated system calls a fax machine line, it normally hears the fax tones (that attempt data handshake) and immediately hangs up.
Most newer cell phones have a 'ring back' tone, which plays a custom tone or music instead of the standard ringing tone the phone companies use.
Why not mix them? If a robocaller system hears a ring back tone of the fax hand shake, the robo call system should drop the call.

It worked when I had a generic fax switch setup on my primary land line. The switch would pickup the call, and would route robocalls automatically to the fax machine instead of ringing the phone.

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    The issue is that the robo callers don't care about the rules. If we lived in a perfect world it would work. The issue is companies that stand to make a profit and the greedy carriers that take the traffic. The sad thing is that the fact that these companies do it shows that they get some sort of response and people use their services. If no one responded to SPAM emails they would go away....

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    It's not true that "if no one responded to SPAM emails they would go away". There is no shortage of new businesses to which shady operators can sell their spam "services" with little to no claim of effectiveness. If those businesses considered the potential loss to their brand and had actual numbers for the proposed benefit, then spam emails would go away.

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    There are two problems with the fax machine approach. First, you might miss normal calls, if a friend calls you and hear the fax tone, they might just hang up. Second, the detection of fax tone by robocall software is based on audio analysis, it is not 100% accurate.

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    If robocalls use audio analysis.... is there any audio that would disable or scramble the Robocalling device?

    Is there any current MIJI (Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming, Interference) devices that can disable or override Robocallers?

    Why are company's like this even legal? http://www.sfgate.com/business/prweb/article/RoboCent-Launches-State-of-the-Art-Platform-3692297.php

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