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[Answer] Regulating Large Scale Calling Companies

So far all of the solutions that have been suggested ask too much of the individual. They fail to protect the average American without asking them to sacrifice something in return. From the idea of an audio CAPTCHA (that would eventually annoy real callers) to having a number that individuals can use to report Robo-calls (not many people even know about the codes such as *69), they rely on user action to a crime that virtually goes unreported.
What the FTC needs to do is require all companies that make 100s-1000s of calls a day to apply for the right to do so. The FTC could separate a “bad” company, or single IP address, that is making 100s-1000s of calls a day from the real or “good” companies and/or charities based off of if they filed the correct paperwork.
Basically I am suggesting that we label all companies making 1000s of calls a day, and set up a firewall in between the user and caller that only allows ip address’ with legit litigation to be able to make this many calls.


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    Max B,

    That would be impossible. We have customers that make 100 calls a day and others that do 10,000 calls a day. There is no way of knowing what is legit and what is not.

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    Thanks for your response Dovid,
    I can see how this idea could be difficult to implement. However i don't think that any random person should be able to make over one thousand calls a day. In a perfect world, a "firewall" between the user and caller that looked for random numbers making large amounts of calls would fix this issue.

    Are you suggesting that this would infringe on companies who legally make 1000s of calls a day, or that it would be impossible to monitor who is making the calls altogether? Because i personally believe that a company should have to apply for the right to make this many calls. Once a company had applied for the right to do so, there would be an exception for them in the “firewall.”

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    In your original statement, Max B, you said that too many of the solutions ask for sacrifice. Then you go on to state that the government should get into regulating the world-wide telephone system, requiring companies to register for the right to make telephone calls. You seem to be contradicting yourself.

    Look at the solutions to email spam that work, and you'll find your solution to robocallers.

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    @Darren B
    Thanks for your post, just want to clarify what i was saying...
    "[Previous posted Ideas] fail to protect the average American without asking them(the user) to sacrifice something in return."
    There have been new posts that have furthered this idea, that it is on the phone companies to take action, such as this post (http://robocall.challenge.gov/forum_topics/1560)

    For the record I did not want to come across hostile or be-little other peoples ideas in any way, i just wanted to show the contrast of my idea to others. This issue will only be solved through the phone companies influence while asking as little of the user as possible.

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